I’ve mentioned Operation Taskforce a few times in the series and alluded to what it was all about. This is just a short break down.


In the first half of the century Earth was visited by alien survivors. Their ship broke up as it entered the atmosphere and the majority of those on board were killed. The governments of the world recognised the risk these visitors and their technology could cause and went to extreme efforts to locate, isolate and control the ship and its occupants. The technology, passengers and crew were divided equally among the rival nations and studied. Although most of the flight crew died within months of the crash, the ship’s science officer agreed to help the authorities understand the alien’s technology. In return he was guaranteed the safety of the ships passengers.

The scientist kept his promise to an extent. He taught the people of Earth how to use the technology of another world, but refused to reveal all the secrets need to make it work. He also provided different secrets to different governments relying on their mutual distrust to stop them collaborating or knowing that they shared the same knowledge being sufficient to keep one nation from growing too powerful in what became and arms race. The scientist Bahrain was kept on American soil out of fear that the Soviets would not return him and the British would just dissect him if they had the chance. The Taskforce Treaty agreed the way in which the alien technology could be used and an agreement not to use it against other nations. Each country that signed up was allowed to form its own version of the Taskforce Operation.

In order to prevent the humans from destroying themselves with the technology thy had been offered, Bahrain showed each country how to design and build a series of powered suits along with some larger weapon systems. Each system was limited in a way that would ensure that should Bahrain die as a result of his captor’s actions, all the technology he had given them would cease to function.


Conquest of Evil Taskforce Operation  - USA (Modern Units)
Five Man Task Force projects with sixth operative. Most powerful and durable but also the smallest number at any one time (Currently zero). Created to be leaders and specialists these forces were frequently used as black ops. Project effectively ended when they were unable to produce the energy cells needed for the Powered Suits due to a misunderstanding (the alien scientist that supplied the power sources for all Taskforce projects believed that the Americans were following an official edict that operatives were to be removed from active service after one year to prevent them rebelling). A limited number of large battle machines were built but can only be powered from the same energy source as the suits.


Conquest of Evil Taskforce Operation Japan - ULTRATECH
Continuously maintained army of between five and two hundred Ultratech Warriors. Emphasis on training and skills, suitable candidates are educated from a young age and are usually around late-twenties to mid-thirties before taking an active role. Their existence is not a secret, their identities and powers are. Their power source comes from a single energy transmission system that only broadcasts a finite amount of energy, the more Ultratech units are operating the less powerful they are individually. Exceeding the limits of the transmission system leads to period where the Ultratech system is useless. Therefore a maximum and minimum number of Ultratech troopers are maintained at any one time. A limited number of larger suits were built that can be piloted by Ultratech units. At least two units are need per larger suit, more if they want to use it for more than moving around.

Soviet Union

Conquest of Evil Taskforce Operation - Sovier Union

Continuously growing army of Metal Warriors. Continued long after test subjects were forgotten using conscripts. Highly armour and weapons dependent, the units are only powered enough to be moveable. These units are not very fast but can take a pounding. It is considered highly likely that when the Soviet Union broke up that knowledge of the Taskforce Operation broke down. Whether the project continues for another ten years remains to be seen. Large vehicle based weapons are used to enhance their arsenal. Again they are limited by power concerns.

Europe (Except Great Britain)

Small units spread throughout several European countries. Maximum of six members at any one time. Powers are transmitted in the same way as the Japanese units, but to maintain there numbers without effecting their strength, the transmission range is extremely limited and so are their operating boundaries. Musketeer Taskforce French Five was eliminated by the Psycho Rangers. These units cannot support larger support vehicles.

Great Britain

In accordance with the laws of Great Britain, their version of the Taskforce Operation is overseen by another. Whether they actually developed a Taskforce Operation or just used the technology and personnel provided in other ways is unclear.


[ Chinese Taskforce]

China has possessed several teams of operatives and have learnt to adapt the suits they were given once they ran out of batteries. Although they have only managed to recycle their suits, not increase their number. Doing so has also required an increasing number of candidates since the process is lethal after a while. Currently their operatives are lucky to survive more than twenty minutes. It is highly likely their Taskforce Operation at the turn of the millennium.


Some nations are suspected of holding Taskforce technology or personnel. Some denied it, others boast of their capabilities. Given intelligence reports, it is the ones denying their research that are of prime concern.


The Taskforce Operation did not come without some consequences. The alien ship was carrying animals and other specimens to help secure a new life on Earth. Those specimens were never recovered and over time started to emerge as hostile threats to their new world. The Ultratech Units are frequently engaged with giant monsters, perhaps the reason their powers have sustained the longest.

In addition and despite the best efforts of the governments involved, much of the alien technology was not recovered and has since fallen into criminal hands. Unknowingly many of the threats encountered by the Taskforce Operation relate to this technology or passengers that escaped detection.

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