This is a very short piece of an idea I had that was supposed to demonstrate just how wasted Finister’s skills were. Enjoy…

The smoke cleared, the battle was over. The remains of the Gorma Empire shifted in the wind as the rain washed it into the ground. The craftsman had watched the events closely and was pleased with the results. His skills were just as they had always been and despite his more limited role of late, there was no doubt that he still had the ability that had made him sought after.

While Finster was now unquestionably evil and fiercely loyal to Rita Repulsa, he was also an artist of the highest order. The monsters he made for his mistress paled in comparison to the wonders he could shape with his fingers. What Mistress Repugna could accomplish with magic, Finster could achieve with his bare hands, shaping mere clay into beautiful and often frightening creatures. His service to Rita meant that his resources were limited, the clay found on Earth while capable of creating and sustaining Super Putties, was not as magically pliable as the highly regarded soil of his home world. Clay extracted from Earth could only hold a limited amount of power before losing its shape.

And that was why he took the opportunity, whenever Rita had her attention elsewhere and he could escape from the likes of Goldar and Rito, to retreat to his other workshop deep within the bowels of the Lunar Palace. There he experimented with the more potent materials he could sadly not afford to waste on throwaway monsters. These figurines were sculpted from memory and imagination, conveying not only the appearance he desired, but the mannerisms and behaviours too.

As he put the final touches to his latest masterpiece, Finster sighed sadly. This was one of many creatures he had modelled from memory. It was one of a number of exact recreations of monsters Lord Zedd and Rita had used that he had not built for them. Just by drawing on the memory of how they had behaved he was able to make them closely resemble the originals. How he wished he could create a model of Lord Zedd, but alas with such poor material it would fail to do justice to the former Emperor of the Dark Zones.

Instead he had created a new villainous empire: the Gorma. Made from his clay he had shaped them to believe that they were humans who drew on the dark powers within to take on the form of the monsters they has seen on television. He had varied their ages and appearances when in human form, giving them different personalities and agendas, just so he could see if those that fought them would think them real. He had no doubt that the Rangers that had fought against them believed them to be real. One of them had gone so far as to kill to end the threat the Gorma posed.

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