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[ Power Rangers: Ancient Spirits]

Power Rangers: Ancient Spirits

“We never expected anything like this, but the archaeology speaks for itself. It is simply impossible for all those layers of soil to have placed there in such an exact order. So my only conclusion is that this thing, this magnificent ship was here before those layers formed. This ship provides proof that our world was visited by aliens during the time of the dinosaurs.”

He stopped the recording, eager to find a way inside the ship. When they had first struck the metal surface they had not realised just how big it was. They had called in outside contractors, relying on every expert in their field to help uncover the monstrosity. The top layers of soil were forgotten in his eagerness to make a real discovery, the history he had been seeking lost to dumper trucks and greed. At the time they had never thought that they would uncover an alien space ship – for even by modern standards the technology was clearly more advanced.

“Sir, we found something!”

He made his way over to where one of the workers was excitedly pointing at a slight indent. There was a symbol etched into the surface, but more importantly there was a handle.

“The handle is wedged from this side,” one of the workers told him. “Almost as if someone was locking something in.”

He nodded, agreeing with the assessment. The handle wasn’t just wedged. There were signs that the metal had been melted to fuse it into place. Obviously this door was not intended to be opened.

“Bring in one of the excavators and break it open,” he instructed, forgetting everything he had been taught about the correct approach to archaeology. He was spoiling the evidence but he didn’t care. His eagerness overrode his common sense. He wanted to know what was inside.

It took a few minutes to move the large machine into position and over a dozen attempts to break the door free. Once the barricade had been overcome though the door seemed to open on its own, releasing a thick cloud of vaporous gas. The workers choked as the air around them turned black and evil laughter filled the air.

He tried to escape, but it was too late. Something was emerging from the ship, its heavy footsteps echoing across the dig site. His eyes widened as they took in the hideous form before them.

“Oh my god, what have I done?!”

Synopsis: Millions of years ago an alien warlord attempted to invade the planet Earth, only to be stopped by a team of young warriors who combined their advanced alien technology with the spirits of the dominant live forms: Dinosaurs.

In modern times an archaeological dig had unearth that spaceship and released the invading force. But with the warriors that defeated him long dead the task falls to a new group of young people, drawing upon the spirits of the original warriors to stop this new threat.

This will be based loosely on Kyoryuger.

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